The Arscientic Andism

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The Arscientic Andism manifests my path to access the indefinable area between art and science. “Arscientic“ is a composition of the terms “art“ and “science“. “Andism“ originates from the word “and“. It is the literal conjunction between art and science, which provides their fusion. In this andistic interspace, neither categories nor limitations guarantee certainty and stability. A non–category defines this indefinable area. My mission is to explore my personal perception on the border between these two fictitious worlds. My mission is to unite and to bridge them. And I wonder: Is this possible at all?


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There are 2 parts in me, or rather, 2 hearts beating in my chest.


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I developed new drugs for skin cancer and colon cancer treatment. From my point of view, this scientific working process was obviously artistic and creative.


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In my art I deal with contradictions. I feel an internal conflict caused by the much discussed discrepancy between art and science and also by other realms in my life.



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My scientific working process was the exploration of the microcosm on the outside. In return, my artistic process is the exploration of my own microcosm inside.