Denise Schellmann born in 1980 in Vienna, Austria

living and working in Vienna


1999 - 2006

diploma studies of pharmacy at the University of Vienna, Austria

2006 - 2010

doctoral theses of natural sciences,

Department of medicinal/pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria

2008 - 2012

autodidactic artistic works

2012 - 2014

private education in fine arts and history of arts

by Loys Egg

since Oct 2014

masterclass ‚art & science‘ (Virgil Widrich),

University of applied arts Vienna, Austria

Sept - Nov 2015

INSTINC artist in residence program Singapore,

collaboration with local artist Nandita Mukand

Denise Schellmann, born in Vienna, is studying art in the  masterclass of ‚Art & Science‘ (Virgil Widrich) at the University of applied arts of Vienna since October 2014, after she successfully completed her doctoral theses in natural sciences at the University of Vienna in 2011. Her scientific activity was based on developing and synthesizing new drugs for cancer treatment. In her examination of strictly inherent natural processes Denise was deeply attached to the observation of organic formation of crystal structures and cell growth.

After an autodidactic time period, she studied fine arts and history of art in private class supervised by Loys Egg (2012 - 2014). She found her way to introduce her previous experience of natural science into her graphic working process.


Inspired by the scientific experience, which provided her an access to  natural aesthetics and to forces and polarities of the existential basis of life, Denise Schellmann characterizes her organic process of drawing as a ‘spontaneous flow of perpetual, rhythmical impulses of movements. Oscillating, twisting, angled, fragile but signifikant dots and lines emerge. Some individual, some entangled, apparently structured and chaotic, merging to a single unit, reminding me of the almost fractal structures and vibration of growth of crystals and cell structures.’

From Sept - Nov 2015, Denise was part of the INSTINC's artist in residence program, collaborating with the local artist Nandita Mukand.

artist residencies

INSTINC Artist in Residence, Singapore

Sept - Nov 2015

sponsored by Land Niederösterreich and INSTINC

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