The Arscientic Andism My Romantic Manifesto?


My romantic manifesto of the Arscientic Andism is an unofficial pronouncement directed only at myself. Here I am! This is my personal Status Quo!

Being actively involved in both fine art and in traditional science, while actively working in the field of Art&Science itself causes an inner conflict. I am ranging between divergent categories.

Or are they actually the same?

The Arscientic Andism manifests my path to access the indefinable area between art and science.

“Arscientic“ is a composition of the terms “art“ and “science“. “Andism“ originates from the word “and“. It is the literal conjunction between art AND science, which provides their fusion. In this andistic interspace, neihter categories nor limitations guarantee certainty and stability. A non–category defines this indefinable area.

My mission is to explore my personal perception on the border between these two fictitious worlds. My mission is to unite and to bridge them. And I wonder: Is this possible at all?

My 13 oughts of the Arscientic Andism!

1. I ought to de-categorize!

My old categories are obsolete, the new ones are intangible. The question automatically arises: Do I need categories? Am I prepared for my personal clearance? I cast away my fear and enter the indefinable area! I fling off my imaginary crutches, which lead me to believe in feigned well-being! I respect and glorify the space-in-between! I concentrate on breaking up with my limitations and clichés!

2. The “and“ ought to be the central point of my orientation!

The “and“ is a conjunction! The Arscientic Andism is the fusion of art and science! It is the fusion of soul and mind! It is the fusion of the female and the male principle! It is the fusion of yin and yang! The Arscientic Andism does not draw new boundaries! It does not define new categories! The Arscientic Andism dissolutes and celebrates the “and“! It conjugates, connects, de-limits and de-categorizes! It is my vanguard of my new integrative philosophy of life!

3. The space-in-between ought to push me into a well balanced middle!

I use the connecting interspace between the two poles of art and science! There, where soul and mind unite and develop their invincible power, my complete dissolution in the indefinable zone provides a space for the high-level fertilization! Art cannot exist without science and science without art there! In order to limit my inner resolutions, in order to indulge in this interspace, I should practice!

4. I ought to practice!

The Arscientic Andism becomes material! I create an awareness of my inner space–my information-free zone! This is my grey area, my intermediate zone! I find my own truth by Arscientic practicing procedures! I identify my own stereotyping and break free! Categories will be bared, crushed and forgotten! I conquer the space of self-determination! Now I am ready for my personal inner-revolution! I manifest it in reality!

5. I ought to practice the practicing procedures of the Arscientic Andism!

Practicing procedures are methods for entering my indefinable area between art and science. The mere practice of art or science is not sufficient for its access. Like a meditative practice, or a retreat, practicing procedures boost my state of expansion of consciousness. I am experiencing a relief from the trained limitations in my mind. Through practicing procedures I create automatisms. I am experiencing a flow state. I immerse myself into the proper practicing procedure to break up my inner boundaries! I discover my inner self and access my personal indefinable area! I, as a practitioner, have entered the Arscientic in-between-space where I feel safe in my newfound floating lightness. A new sense of self-determination is my focus of attention now.

I practice the practicing procedures in small scale in order to implement them in large scale.

Compared to a child practicing walking I, as an Arscientic Andist, practice immersing into the indefinable area again and again and again and again and again until I feel tangibly at home in it. Practicing procedures are free, flexible and different from the various states of my mind. They deeply depend on my proper situation. I arrange the duration, intensity and type of the procedure. The more intense and diversified the practicing procedure, the faster and more dynamic is my access into the Arscientic space.

The common feature of every practicing procedure is the automatism I create by repeating the practice of a physical or a mental procedure. Automatisms and flow states provide me the easiest access to my indefinable area.

How to select the method of a practicing procedure?

I select an appropriate activity for my practicing procedure. The selection process is directed by my gut feeling and a conversation with my inner self. I calm down, close my eyes, ground myself and actively ask my inner self what my body and my soul would need to enter into the indefinable area of the Arscientic Andism in that particular moment. I am highly mindful to perceive the subtle answer in the appearance of an impulse, of an inner voice, of a coincident encounter or of intuition.

My personal examples for practicing procedures:

Meditation frees my mind from my daily limitations. I immerse myself into my indefinable area, which is directly connected with the Arscientic space.

Fasting frees my body and my soul from old slags and creates space for the space-in-between. During and after the fasting-stage my perception for messages of my inner self is highly sensitive.

Practicing endurance sports, I experience a flow state similar to a meditation. Boundaries in my mind are breaking up.

Domestic work (ironing, dusting, vacuuming), experienced as a practicing procedure, grounds me and opens my soul and spirit.

Forest bathing (japan. Shinrin-yoku) is an old Japanese tradition. In the forest I inhale its atmosphere. I automatically connect with nature and with my inner self. It grounds me and opens my soul and spirit.

Sustainable Cooking with organic vegetables, experienced as a practicing procedure, grounds me and opens my soul and spirit.

Writing the “morning pages“ grounds me and opens my soul and spirit. Julia Cameron, the author of the book “The Artist’s Way“, introduces this method to break from limitations in the mind. I write my morning pages right after waking up in my bed. I write a full three pages of reasonable or meaningless texts or incoherent words to free my mind of stuck thought processes. I write in a flow state.

Sweet idleness grounds me and opens my soul and spirit.

6. About learning-sensing-forgetting-creating! I ought to follow the precise course of the truthful Arscientic process of creation:

Learning refers to the intensive study of my subject of Arscientic interest. This includes reading, studying and obtaining information about its nature. Dynamics and mobility need to be observed exactly, if available, along with its reflection from different perspectives. It is particularly important to ensure that none of the prospects is neglected!

The sense of (or for) the Arscientic subject arises automatically when I have considered and studied it sufficiently. My mind-level automatically connects with my emotional level.

Now I forget everything I have learned about my Arscientic subject, in order to create the space for my Arscientic creation!

7. In Arscientic cases of doubt, I ought to ask the following questions:

What questions would a child ask? How would a child approach my subject matter? What would a child anticipate? How would a child act and react? A child is the master of Arscientic questions, answers and creations!

8. All of my art is a subject of the Arscientic Andism! I ought to add science to art!

Impulses for practicing procedures for my scientific research process in arts–an approach to the Arscientic space for me as an artist:

I study my Arscientic subject of interest! I read, learn about it and collect all possible information! I observe it under the magnifying lens or under the microscope! I write down any research findings in my notebook! I record my findings! I discover interdependencies! I collect evidence! I explore nature in the woods! I culture crystals or primeval crayfish! I develop methods! I discover my inquiring mind!

9. All of my science is a subject of the Arscientic Andism! I ought to add art to science!

Impulses for practicing procedures to refine my intuition and creativity in science–an approach to the Arscientic space for me as a scientist:

I play! I draw, sing, dance, compose, write a poem of my research results! I observe and record my emotions during my research process! I listen to my gut feeling! I consider an exhibition concept for my scientific findings! I create and draw from the whole!

10. I ought to perceive the Arscientic subject of interest unbiased from different perspectives!

My point of view is subject to de-limitations! I raise my empathy! I become the master of empathy! I train my spirit!

My practicing procedure for the change of perspectives:

I place an apple (or other object) in the middle of a table. I draw the apple the way I perceive it with pencil on paper. Now I change my position and draw it again! Now I place the apple very close right in front of me! I draw it again! I remove from the apple as far as it is possible. I draw it again! Now I describe the apple with the words of a scientist and with the words of an artist! I write it down in my notebook!

11. I ought to escape from my comfort zone!

I get out of my old shoes! I fly away with the wings of courage and disobedience! The Arscientic indefinable area is outside of the box! I look over the edge! I leave the old system behind! I start my personal revolution!

My practicing procedure to refine non-adaption:

I buy a children’s coloring book and fill the open spaces. Not the way every good child learns in school or kindergarten. No! I cross the pencil far beyond the lines! I paint until I feel no more anxiety in this act! I paint until I enjoy it! I paint until I have overcome my personal limitations in my mind!

12. I ought to welcome failure!

Failure is a true celebration! Failure forces me to de-categorization! Once I have failed, I look at the subject of interest through different eyes! I open up to new perspectives! I adjust my directions! Failure and practicing procedures teach me self-reflection, empathy and creativity!

13. I ought to celebrate the party!

I celebrate the feast of gathering! I celebrate the “and“! I celebrate curiosity! I practice the practicing procedures together with friends! As in ancient Athens, I found the Academy of Life and Celebration! I celebrate the Arscientic exchange in the interspace! Art is synonymous with science. I create beauty through knowledge and knowledge through beauty! I drink wine and celebrate the inspiration in large squares, in large rooms! I enter the Arscientic space! Art and science and life unite!