Circuit Training

a Foray into the World of the Large Hadron Collider



group exhibition, masterclass  „Art & Science“ and "Site Specific Art" University of applied arts in cooperation with CERN (Art@CMS and HEPHY)
June 2017

das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14, 1010 Wien

reality, June 2017

The data out of millions of collision events per second is filtered through two major trigger systems to store only 100s of events for further analysis. Consequently the results of CERN’s experiments depend on computerized algorithms, which value the relevance of the collision events and automatically lead into an isolation from maybe important information. Who knows about the significance of events, which were not in the self-created focus of analytic interest? How do filters affect our perception in general? How do you perceive your illusive reality bubble?

artist statement

Denise Schellmann is artist and an experienced scientist in fields of pharmaceutical chemistry. Her approach to organic occurrences and aesthetics allow her deep immersion into the smallest structures, correlations and the subject matter of our microuniverse, which you can perceive in her drawings and installations.

Her mirror installation „reality“ represents CERNs algorithm controlled data filter system as a metaphor for our self-created focus in life, which determines our reality. In the end: Who can tell us if the bubble we are all living in is real or just an illusion?

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